The number of people employed in the Thompson Okanagan Region increased slightly from 250,500 in January 2017 to 250,800 in January 2018. Simultaneously, the number of people in the labour force increased from 274,100 in January 2017 to 270,300 in January 2018. Last month, employment rates were 61.7% in B.C. and 61.4% in Canada, while the Thompson Okanagan Region was 56.5%. The unemployment rate in the Thompson Okanagan Region decreased from 7.3% in December to 7.2% in January.

Source: Statistics Canada LFS

Number of Postings by Occupation, in Kamloops for 2017

Airport Passenger Volumes

Airport passenger volumes increased slightly from 29,966 in January 2017 to 32,963 in January 2018.

Source: Kamloops Airport Authority

Real Estate

In January 2018, a total of 183 residential units were sold in Kamloops, up from the 173 total units in January of the previous year. New listings were down from 434 in January 2017 to the 384 in January 2018, and the total value of residential units sold increased to $66,911045 (2018) from $48,535,566 (2017). The average home price in Kamloops was $427,000 in January compared to the BC average of 721,477 and the Canadian average of $481,500.

The actual (not seasonally adjusted) national average price for homes sold in January 2018 was just over $481,500, up 2.3% from one year earlier. The national average price is heavily skewed by sales in Greater Vancouver and Greater Toronto, two of Canada’s most active and expensive markets. Excluding these two markets from calculations trims $107,500 from the national average price, reducing it to $374,000.

Sources: Kamloops and District Real Estate Association, BC Real Estate Association, and Canadian Real Estate Association

Housing Construction

There were 28 new housing starts in Kamloops in January 2018. This is in comparison to 10 starts in January 2017. The 28 housing starts represented $509,599 in construction value, compared to $327,337 in construction value for the 10 housing starts in January of the previous year.

Source: City of Kamloops; Statistics Canada

Building Permits

In January 2018, the City of Kamloops issued 38 residential building permits valued at $5,936,916 up from the 19 permits issued in January of the previous year at a value of $3,289,654. A total of 13 commercial building permits were issued in January 2018 with a value of $8,184,749 up from the 13 permits issued in January 2017 with a value of $616,373.

Source: City of Kamloops

Business Licenses

Kamloops received 73 new business license applications in January 2018, up from 58 the previous year.


Business Licenses
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Residential Building Permits
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Commercial Building Permits
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Source: City of Kamloops