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The VK Accelerate program is intended to find creative entrepreneurs with unique products or services that offer an authentic local experience to complement and enhance our community.

We are offering to assist with the connection of real estate space, management consultants, interior designer and marketing agency all within the first six months of start-up. Our program professionals will work closely with the business owners to help provide them with skills and knowledge to accelerate their start-up at a reduced rate and ensure the market place testing is set up for success. This program allows entrepreneurs to test their business plan before signing a long term lease.


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Experiential Retail
Is The Future

With the rise of online shopping and eCommerce, consumers have more shopping options than ever before. In recent years, retailers have found a powerful way of drawing in consumers by personalized and engaging experiences called experiential retail. This future in retail is being driven by younger generations who are looking for unique moments and an authentically local experience.

Since younger generations are researching products and services extensively online, which means they require more than traditional customer service, instead what they are looking for when they enter the stores, is hands-on activities and stimulation. These in-store experiences take various forms and incorporate all senses including: touch, taste, smell and sound. Some examples include:

  • Incorporating a Virtual Reality experience to transport customers to see and feel a new experience is revolutionizing how people shop for, learn and interact with products in-store.
  • Indulging consumers passions - organizing book clubs and baking lesson.
  • Providing demonstrations and DIY events that allow customers to try the products

Program Requirements
Do You Qualify?

  • It must be a new, homebased or online business expanding to its first bricks and mortar location.
  • The business must include an element of experiential shopping whether that is sampling, creating, learning, trying or even hosting events a minimum of once per month.
  • The business owner must complete a business plan. This can be through Venture Kamloops or one of our community partners (Community Futures, BDC, futurpreneur or Women’s Enterprise, All Nations Trust, Kamloops Innovation Center, TRU Generator).
  • Must be able to qualify for financing.
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