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The VK Accelerate program is intended to find creative entrepreneurs with unique products or services who are ready for their first bricks and mortar space.

Within the first six months of start-up, entrepreneurs qualifying for this unique program will have the opportunity to work with program mentors such as a business coach, an interior designer, a marketing agency and a realtor.

Our esteemed program mentors work closely with participants to help them build the skills and knowledge required to accelerate their business to be profitable position as soon as possible.

VK Accelerate Pilot
Far & Wide

We are excited to announce that over the past 5 months we have been working with our first business, Far & Wide, to pilot the VK Accerate Program …and it has become a growing success.

Calli-Jo Duncan and Brianne Sheppard, owners of Far & Wide, worked with program professional – Spot On Interior Designs to create a beautiful, experiential retail space that opened its doors on June 23rd 2018. Since inception, they have experienced steady foot traffic within their store, sold-out workshops and most recently, the honour of being awarded “Kamloops Best New Business 2018” from Kamloops This Weeks - Readers’ Choice Awards.

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Program Requirements
Are You Prepared to:

  • Expand your new, homebased or online business to its first storefront location?
  • Complete a comprehensive business plan through Venture Kamloops or one of our community partners? (Community Futures, BDC, Futurpreneur or The Women’s Enterprise, All Nations Trust, Kamloops Innovation, TRU Generator.)
  • Obtain approval for financing or prove you can self finance the venture.
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