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For any entrepreneur, there are many different decisions they must make in the early stages of their venture. One of the bigger decisions to make is whether you should buy or lease your commercial property. Of course, as with any decision, there are positives and negatives to each choice, but being able to weigh your options in a strategic way is very important.

In a recent article from BDC, this issue is explored into great detail on what option might be best for you when deciding on a commercial real estate space. The article explores location, personal wealth, working with landlords, freeing up capital and many more important aspects to consider when looking at a rent or own situation.

With the recent launch of their new website, KADREA (Kamloops & District Real Estate Association) has a very useful interactive map that allows you to see all the commercial real estate properties for sale, and all the details to go along with that. It is a great tool to assess the market, and compare different options in commercial real estate.

To access the full, in depth article from BDC on how to choose between buying or leasing, click HERE.

To access KADREA’s interactive map on commercial real estate listings, click HERE.

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