Here As Your Sounding Board

Take advantage of the award winning VK Venture Advisors program for entrepreneurs of new or existing businesses. Find out if you have all of the bases covered for your business idea or plans for growth.

Each month, we choose an entrepreneur or business to participate in the VK Venture Advisors program. This opportunity allows the entrepreneur to pitch their business idea to a panel of local business professionals and industry experts. These experts provide the business with constructive feedback, insight and connections regarding the business idea.

This valuable experience provides entrepreneurs with a huge advantage when they approach their business plan or goals for growth. The feedback gets right to-the-point and is always delivered in a positive, constructive manner. Plus, the program costs nothing as all VK Venture Advisors volunteer their time to help grow business in Kamloops.

VK Venture Advisor Participants 2019:

  • ProCad Designs
  • Lash Boss
  • Wamaco
  • Real Deals on Home Decor
  • A Way Forward Coaching
  • Cassidy Watt Makeup
  • TCI Lift
  • Lightning Rubbish Removal
  • Spicecraft Foods Inc

What to expect with VK Venture Advisors

Venture Kamloops will work with you to prepare a presentation (Powerpoint or simply talking) that runs for about 20 min. Dress professionally – wear a uniform if there is one – and make the best impression possible. Presenters are expected to cover the basics of the business idea, target market and strategies, current financial situation and forecasts, the plan for roll out and any other research or information.

Presenters are asked to provide an executive summary regarding the business (max 200 words), biography (max 200 words) and business plan one week in advance of the meeting to give the VK Venture Advisors time to think about the business idea before the presentation.

Before the presentation, presenters are encouraged to review the biographies of the VK Venture Advisors Panel and prepare targeted question based on their expertise that pertains to the presenter’s business. This is an opportunity to get free, professional advice – presenters should capitalize on this time to make sure they are getting the most out of the experience.

Day of Presentation

  • VK Venture Advisor presentations are held at the Hotel 540 in downtown Kamloops (lunch is provided)
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the meeting to set up for your presentation
  • You will have 20 minutes to make your presentation to the VK Venture Advisors
  • 40 minutes is open for discussion and questions
  • One week after the event, you will have the opportunity to setup follow-up meetings with each of the advisors if you are interested.


“The VK Venture Advisor program was invaluable for us in the beginning stages of Freeze Athletics! The Venture Kamloops team really cared about the success of our fledgling venture and were constantly steering us in the right direction, putting us in contact with the right people to help us grow! The advice and knowledge was a huge help and confidence boost when we didn’t really know where to start. The advisory panel presentation was a great experience and the networking potential was incredible. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of starting up to check in with Venture Kamloops first because whatever the problem; they have ideas for solutions! We are now open and thriving thanks to the help of many including Venture Kamloops!”

- Keri Lewis, Interior Freeze Athletics