Business Success Drivertise

Far too often, people have fantastic ideas that are simply left to bounce around in their head and eventually fade away. I believe this unfortunate inaction is a result of people not knowing where to find the right support and guidance to help bring their idea to life. Drivertise is my business idea. An idea that could have merely faded away, but instead was brought to fruition largely as a result of the guidance provided by Venture Kamloops and the phenomenal support from the Kamloops community.

Early in my Drivertise journey, Venture Kamloops connected me with the Futurpreneur Canada program, which set the stage for my initial financing and introduced me to an excellent local mentor. Here in Kamloops, I had the good fortune to participate in the VK Venture Advisors program. While it felt a little daunting to present the concept of Drivertise to some of Kamloops’ most successful entrepreneurs, it was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. The experience gave me valuable feedback, advice and reassured me that all my efforts were worthwhile as they believed Drivertise had great potential. Additionally, my recent involvement in the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, has strengthened my ties to the Kamloops business community and allowed me to develop valuable connections and better understand the city’s current advertising needs.

Be it smaller, independent businesses like Bold Pizzeria and Lil Monkey’s Treehouse or larger community-driven organizations like Thompson Rivers University, there has been a lot of interest in this new and unique form of marketing. Furthermore, we hope to contribute to our Kamloops community by not only providing a new service by way of transforming vehicles into eye-catching billboards, but also to provide opportunities for qualified everyday drivers to make money for simply driving. Drivertise was launched in August 2017 and so far we are happy to report excellent progress. Currently, we have almost 100 qualified Drivertisers all the way from Vancouver to Toronto, and have recently launched a six-vehicle Kamloops campaign for Bold Pizzeria. Look for us on your drive today!


The number of people employed in Kamloops is estimated at nearly 49,000 and is projected to increase to nearly 51,000 by 2022.