Executive Director's MessageJim Anderson

Running a business is hard work. Every day in business brings new challenges and adventures. But, with every challenge that is met and hurdle that is overcome, a business moves toward success. Our goal at Venture Kamloops is to help business reach success. Whether we’re dealing with an entrepreneur going into business for the first time, or an established business that is expanding, we focus on providing the tools and resources necessary any business to stay on that path.

These challenges and their solutions change rapidly. It requires a constant, diligent effort to ensure that we’re providing Kamloops businesses with the most up-to-date information insight into the changing business landscapes. In 2016, we heard loud and clear that the attraction of talented staff was a major concern for local business. So last year we produced a series of sector specific recruitment tools for business. We also identified real estate development as a sector with great growth potential, so we spent the last year promoting the many opportunities in the Kamloops market.

In 2017, the theme that recurred throughout the year was the importance of quality of life to people deciding on a place to live, work or invest in their future. We’ve begun work on the complex job of quantifying the advantages of life in Kamloops. Our goal is to produce a clear, persuasive set of reasons that Kamloops is the place to be for business and the talented people who make those businesses thrive.

As we put our minds to this project and others, we remain committed to delivering our core services to Kamloops businesses. We have enhanced our Start Here entrepreneur program with additional next steps to help new entrepreneurs take their business from idea to reality in smaller, more easily managed increments. We continue to offer the best and brightest entrepreneurs a real kick start through our VK Venture Advisors program and in 2018 we have even more exciting plans underway.

We know business is hard work – and we know that we need to work just as hard to make sure that we offer Kamloops business the absolute best chance for success.

- Jim Anderson, Executive Director


Did you know? In 2018, Kamloops was identified as one of only four BC markets where homes for sale align with local earnings.

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