President's MessageBrant Hasanen

I am pleased to introduce the 2022 Venture Kamloops Annual report on behalf of the Venture Kamloops Board of Directors. As President of the Board of Directors, I appreciate the ability to witness first-hand the strength, and tenacity of the dynamic economy that Kamloops enjoys and deserves.

Throughout the last few years, our economy has seen just about everything. From the lows of pandemic shutdowns of the general population, and our all-important businesses which represent the backbone of our community and economy, to the reopening of the same at a furious pace putting incredible strain on the economic contributors to provide the goods and services back into this economy at a pace the people deserve.

One of the best kept secrets though all of this is the vital role of your economic development organization, known as Venture Kamloops. Saying that, another unknown fact about Venture Kamloops is that it is primarily funded by your city to ensure the economy and the business climate remains vibrant to ensure this community grows and remains sustainable.

As President of Venture Kamloops, I’ve had the privilege and ability to witness and experience the tireless work of management and staff to answer all those phone calls, email inquiries and meetings necessary to prevent business closures, provide information to assist business expansion and share the real benefits of bring business to Kamloops.

It has also been my pleasure to work with a dedicated, insightful and engaged group of directors. I cannot thank each of them enough for the time and effort they volunteer to the organization. In 2022, we said goodbye to board member Ryan Liebe, who completed his term with Venture Kamloops. I offer my sincere thanks Ryan for his years of service. On behalf of Venture Kamloops, I wish them all the best and offer my sincere appreciation for their commitment.

This report contains all the measurable metrics to clarify the work being done by your economic development organization, and the real value it brings this great community.

- Brant Hasanen, VK President


The number of people employed in Kamloops is estimated at nearly 49,000 and is projected to increase to nearly 51,000 by 2022.