2018 LinkUp Business Development Summit

The 3rd annual LinkUp event was jam packed with inspiration, key learnings, and connections so attending organizations could power up like never before. With LinkUp 2017 winning the BCEDA Marketing and Innovation award, this year’s event had very high expectations and more hype than ever. This year, we wanted to keep things fresh and light, all while maintaining focus on the needs of our local entrepreneurs.

The event hosted panels of entrepreneurs in various stages of their business’ life, as well as panels of representatives from local, provincial and national business and government organizations. To complement these panels, LinkUp saw a keynote speaker who works with Olympic athletes and business leaders to help them perform under pressure, a networking tradeshow that featured 25 business support booths, and a comedian to round out the event with a few laughs. Overall, the 3rd annual event was a massive success. LinkUp 2018 was sold-out, and the attendees gave an overwhelmingly positive review of their experience.

The team at Venture Kamloops is dedicated to creating a rewarding and beneficial experience for the attendees of the LinkUp Business Development Summit. Plans and ideas for LinkUp 2019 are currently being explored, and we look forward to offering another unique experience, and an abundance of resources for our local entrepreneurs. We will see you all in November for LinkUp 2019!

Our 2018 Speakers

Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc
Keynote Speaker

Isabelle is passionate about performance under pressure. Her trademarked techniques have led to documented increases in performance of over 350% for business leaders, Olympic athletes, and NHL players… in less than 3 days. She specializes in helping leaders in business, professional sports, and public office rapidly increase focus, confidence, and self control. Isabelle will share stories and key takeaways of what can be done to enhance our mindset to work smarter, not harder. Expect to walk away from this session invigorated and motivated for what’s next.

Cindy Piva
Business Coach

Cindy Piva, Owner and Founder of Thrive Business Strategies, is a Master Business Coach with an extensive and successful business background. She is known as the Business Coach that enables her clients to earn higher profits while working smarter, not harder. Her business expertise and strategic focus are the driving force behind working with businesses and companies to implement excellent, focused, innovative strategies for high-impact results.

Tim Nutt

Tim Nutt is a comic who can’t be judged by his cover. Long-haired, bearded and “rough around the edges”, audiences expect Nutt’s material to match. But he surprises with razored-down punch lines and well conjured-up premises that place him as one of the top comics working today.

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