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A vibrant, driven, well-educated and connected workforce is Kamloops’ most important asset. The growing economy of Kamloops places skilled workers into jobs at a high employment rate. Innovators and entrepreneurs building business in Kamloops require skilled workers to fill jobs in this emergent city.

Kamloops is a city of opportunity that attracts people from around the world seeking a great place to make a living and a life. Kamloops is located in the Thompson-Nicole Regional District of British Columbia. It is the largest city in the region and is ranked as 37th on the list of metro areas throughout Canada.

Today, Kamloops is a mecca for both industry as well as education. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the region with no signs of slowing down. The average growth rate for the city stands at 1.43% annually and, according to the most recent census for the area in 2016, Kamloops' overall population is 90,280.

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Success Stories

Teresa-Anne Gogel

Marketing Development Manager, Coca Cola

Chelsea Hogan

Owner, Fern & Frond

Richard Phillips

Owner, Iron Road Brewing


Did you know? In 2018, Kamloops was identified as one of only four BC markets where homes for sale align with local earnings.

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