High Tech in Kamloops:
An Industry Snapshot

The high-tech sector in Kamloops is diverse with more than 200 high-tech firms located in the area providing a number of job opportunities in the industry. Kamloops is home to call centres, data centres, software providers, technology support services, many research organizations, and four long distance and international telecommunications service providers in the area.

Competitive Advantages

IT Committed Community

Kamloops is ideally positioned to support all types of business in the IT industry and is considered to be on par with major metropolitan areas in terms of communications infrastructure. An extensive fibre optic network allows the ability to provide high-speed digital voice and data access. Because both the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways pass through the city, Kamloops is located on most of the Canadian transcontinental fibre optic cable routes. As such, Bell, Telus, Big Pipe (Shaw), and BCNET all have major fibre access locations in Kamloops.


Kamloops has a vast landscape with plenty of room in which to play and engage in an array of recreational opportunities, all while enjoying over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually. Housing is affordable and the cost of doing business is competitive, plus the area boasts exceptional schooling options and healthcare services. Employee retention is high in Kamloops with employees citing an affordable, quality of life in the region as a major plus.

Highly Skilled Labour Force

The labour force in Kamloops is one that is highly skilled. As the home of “Canada’s most comprehensive community” Thompson Rivers University (TRU), the post-secondary institution graduates over 1,200 students annually. The School of Computing Science provides instruction ranging from the theoretical to the applied and is comprised of Computing Science, Computer Information Systems Technology, Digital Art & Design, Electronics & Engineering, Architectural & Engineering Technology, and Mathematics & Statistics departments.

Incentives for the High-Tech Industry

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

The Government of Canada provides innovation and funding services customized to businesses specific needs and supports research projects on a selective basis with grants ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 per annum. More Information

Scientific Research and Experimental Tax Credit (SR&ED)

This federal incentive gives Canadian Controlled Private Corporations a refundable investment tax credit of 35% up to the first $2 million of SR&ED expenditures and a non-refundable 20% on any amount over $2 million. Other Canadian corporations can earn a 20% non-refundable tax credit. More Information

Machinery and Equipment Investment

Purchase of eligible machinery and equipment is exempted from Provincial Sales Tax (PST). Eligible expenditures include machinery and equipment used in manufacturing, software development, mining and mineral exploration, petroleum and natural gas production and logging. More Information

High–Tech Organizations

Kamloops Innovation

Kamloops Innovation is a community of tech entrepreneurs that are passionate about helping each other succeed. They offer affordable programs that guide, coach and mentor early stage ventures, collaborative office spaces, and host facilitate, initiate, partner, sponsor, and generally support all sorts of events that help to grow the tech community in Kamloops and the region. Kamloops Innovation is a non-profit society that serves the Central Interior region of British Columbia, and is a BCIC Acceleration Network partner. More Information

Innovate BC

Provincial crown agency that connects entrepreneurs to funding, resources, and support. Innovate BC supports all size companies, across all sectors, all over the province. More Information

B.C. Technology Industry Association (BCTIA)

A not-for-profit organization that supports technology companies in British Columbia. Our network spans across the province and includes technology and professional services companies of all sizes and from every sector. More Information

High Technology in British Columbia

This is a gateway to web sites that provide support, information, advice and other assistance to BC investors, entrepreneurs, technology-based companies and science, technology and engineering students. National organizations that offer services and support to BC are included. More Information


“Kamloops has been a fantastic location for ideaLEVER for almost 15 years. It has great access to fibre optics for our datacentre and a fantastic computer program at TRU providing high quality graduates. Add all of that to the low cost of living and great recreation on our doorstep and Kamloops is a natural choice for any business.”

- Rob Stocks, President, ideaLEVER

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