Mining in Kamloops:
An Industry Snapshot

Mineral exploration and mining garnered British Columbia $8.8 Billion in production value in 2017, which was a 31.34% increase from the $6.7 Billion 2016 (Natural Resources Canada, 2017). Mining has been a regional economic strength in Kamloops for decades, with numerous metal and mineral mines, as well as many proposed mine developments in the Kamloops area.

With a rich mining history going back over 100 years, Kamloops has skilled mining personnel, mining consultants, assay labs, and mining suppliers ready to facilitate mining exploration and active mining. This significant concentration has resulted in a cluster of industries that have located here to support the mining operations.

Major Active Mines

New Gold

Type Copper/ Gold
Proximity to Kamloops 0 km
Life Span 23 Years
Approx # Employees 475 employees & 467 Contractors

Highland Valley Copper Mine

Type Copper/ Molybdenum
Proximity to Kamloops 40 km
Life Span TBD
Approx # Employees 1256

Copper Mountain

Type Copper/ Gold/ Silver
Proximity to Kamloops 170 km
Life Span N/A
Approx # Employees 500


Type Copper/ Molybdenum
Proximity to Kamloops 330 km
Life Span 27 Years
Approx # Employees 620

Large Mines in Environmental Assessment Process


Type Copper/Gold/Silver
Proximity to Kamloops 150 km
Life Span 22 Years
Approx # Employees 430


Type Copper/Gold
Proximity to Kamloops 300 km
Life Span 20 Years
Approx # Employees 2000

Huldron Silver Inc

Type Silver
Proximity to Kamloops 210 km
Life Span N/A
Approx # Employees 15

Drilling Programs

Discovery Corp

Type Copper/Gold
Proximity to Kamloops 5 km

Cache Creek (Hunter Dickinson)

Type Copper/Gold
Proximity to Kamloops 83 km

Kamloops’ Competitive Advantages for the Mining Industry

Vital Transportation Hub

Kamloops is easily accessible and is the “hub” city for the Interior of B.C.

  • Airport: 7 daily & 8 weekends flights to Vancouver, 4 daily & 8 weekends flights to Calgary, 1 daily & 2 weekends flights to Edmonton and 2 weekly & 1 weekend flight to Prince Geoge
  • Central location to all major centres in B.C.
  • Located at the intersection of Western Canada’s four major highways
  • One of only two cities in Canada serviced by both national railways (CN Rail and CP Rail)
  • Over 52 trucking and wide transport companies servicing North America based in Kamloops

Investment Friendly Climate

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) placed Kamloops at No. 5 on a list of 10 B.C. cities whose real estate markets are poised to outperform over the coming five-year period. Kamloops came in ahead of Kelowna and Vancouver. Top Ten BC Towns and Cities – November 2017.


Kamloops has a vast landscape with plenty of room in which to play and engage in an array of recreational opportunities, all while enjoying over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually. Housing is affordable and the cost of doing business is competitive, plus the area boasts exceptional schooling options and healthcare services. Employee retention is high in Kamloops with employees citing an affordable, quality of life in the region as a major plus.

Investors in business in Kamloops also enjoy:

  • A proactive municipal government which ensures fast processing of permits and licenses
  • Competitive development and business costs
  • Excellent new business start-up support and resources
  • Balanced corporate/personal tax structure
  • Ample supply of low cost power
  • Provincial government’s commitment fo the industry sector make British Columbia an ideal place to invest

Incentives for the Mining Industry

BC Mining Exploration Tax Credit (METC)

If you conduct grassroots mineral exploration in B.C., you may qualify for the mining exploration tax credit (METC). The credit applies to exploration for all base and precious metals, coal, and some industrial minerals. Drilling expenses for oil and gas do not qualify. More Information

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

Supports research projects on a selective basis with grants ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 per annum. More Information

Machinery and Equipment Investment

Purchase of eligible machinery and equipment is exempted from Provincial Sales Tax (PST). Eligible expenditures include machinery and equipment used in manufacturing, software development, mining and mineral exploration, petroleum and natural gas production and logging. More Information

Mining Resources

British Columbia’s Mineral Exploration and Mining Strategy

Mineral exploration and mining are important economic drivers for British Columbia. In 2014, the mining industry production value for the year was approximately $7.4 billion. More Information

J.T. Fyles Natural Resources Library

Formerly the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Forests Library, and the James T Fyles Library. They provide global connections to natural resource sector information for public policy-makers, researchers, and professionals throughout British Columbia. More Information

BC Mines & Exploration Projects Map


Mining Organizations

Kamloops Exploration Group (KEG)

A registered society that serves to generally promote the interests of mining and prospecting for minerals, metals and petroleum. More Information

Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC)

The Mining Association of B.C., one of the oldest associations in the province, represents the collective needs and interests of coal, metal, industrial mineral companies and smelters in British Columbia. In doing so, MABC has come to be regarded as the predominant voice of mining in British Columbia. More Information

Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM)

Founded in 1898, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) is the leading technical society of professionals in the Canadian Minerals, Metals, Materials and Energy Industries. CIM maintains three main objectives: to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology, to foster networking, professional development and fraternity and to recognize excellence and outstanding achievements in the minerals industry. More Information

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation

The Ministry of Energy and Mines is responsible for the management of B.C.’s energy, mineral and petroleum resources to ensure environmental protection and worker safety. More Information

Geoscience BC

Geoscience BC is an industry-led, not-for-profit, applied geoscience organization. Geoscience BC works in partnership with industry, academia, government, First Nations, and communities to fund applied geoscience projects with the objective to attract mineral and oil & gas exploration to British Columbia. More Information


“Venture Kamloops was instrumental in providing us information and helping us overcome obstacles in the early stages of our expansion project. They linked us to the right people.”

- Maurice Hindle, Manager – Marketing & Sales, Moly-Cop Canada

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